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Strange Concord: Music and Words from Prospect Cottage

Strange Concord: Music and Words from Prospect Cottage

We are delighted to present this Strange Concord Time Machine Event 1989 & 1990: Modern Nature. This beautiful and visceral film combines the words of Derek Jarman’s diaries, spoken by Ben Whishaw, with music composed over the same period of time by acclaimed composers John Zorn and Henryk Gorecki. Recorded live at Prospect Cottage in Dungeness.

Acclaimed actor Ben Whishaw reads from Jarman’s Modern Nature journals inside the cottage on the starkly beautiful Romney Marsh. The special event of words and music will see Jarman’s thoughts, memories, observations and experiences interspersed by New York avant-garde composer John Zorn’s The Dead Man: 13 Specimen for String Quartet and Polish contemporary classical composer Henryk Gorecki’s Good Night Op 63. The 70-minute film sees Ben Whishaw making his way through the cottage and garden as daytime turns to dusk

Watch the world premiere of this incredible production on the Creative Folkestone YouTube, Facebook or Twitter pages. Follow the links below.


Strange Concord: Music and Words from Prospect Cottage is produced in partnership with Screen South and supported by The Space and Arts Council England.

Autumn Reads: Modern Nature is a new online festival exploring the written work of artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman. Through a programme of talks, workshops, films and more we invite you to discover the themes and ideas held within these diaries.


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