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Timeslice DJ set by Matilda Skelton Mace

Timeslice DJ set by Matilda Skelton Mace

Timeslice is a pulsing three-dimensional light sculpture with infinite viewing angles. Rows of suspended translucent organza sheets create many projection surfaces, and flickering, organic waves of motion pass across them, giving light form and depth.

Matilda Skelton Mace is a London & Dorset-based interdisciplinary artist & DJ. Her work uses light, space and geometric form as building blocks to explore ideas of imagined and virtual space in installations which span nightclubs and galleries, warehouses and forests. Recently she has focused on a series of psychedelic audiovisual light sculptures which are controlled live in response to musical performers and DJs.

A graduate of the MA Computational Arts course at Goldsmiths, she masterminds installations for multisensory party collective Universe of Tang, upending expectations of the club experience across London, Berlin and beyond with idiosyncratic themes and emergency bananas. She has worked with Gottwood, Inverted Audio and Edited Arts, as well as developing commissioned online work 'Sky Island' after being selected as recipient of the Aspen Online Art Award 2016.

Saturday 23 March, 9pm - 11pm
The Clearing, Free

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