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NewsNow Editor's Pick's for Folkestone Book Festival

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Our Principal Partner, NewsNow have selected some of their top pick's from this year's Book Festival programme. Taking a closer look at some of the most pertinent issues of today, these events shine a spotlight on stories that impact the news now and into the future. 

NewsNow are an independent news discovery platform. They offer a place for people to discover top stories from across the world, supporting and promoting credible, independent and public interest journalism. Taking a closer look at this year's Creative Folkestone Book Festival programme, they have selected some of the events that examine key issues affecting the world today. 

The events selected include:

    We live in an increasingly digital world. Roisin Kibred asks do we really know the difference between reality and the internet? Click here to book now. 
    What will world economics and finance look like after the pandemic? Associate editor and chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, Martin Wolf looks at the mistakes we have made and what we still need to learn. Click here to book now
    When did America stop being great? As the BBC's New York correspondant, Nick Byrant has lived in Trump's world for the past few years and shares his thoughts on what's next for the nation. Click here to book now
    Are Smartphones the most useful tool ever created or a total distraction? Rory Cellan-Jones asks us if being Always On is always a good thing. Click here to book now
    The Covid-19 is still wreaking havoc across the world. But this is not the first time humanity has faced a global pandemci of epic proportions. Laura Spinney offers insights from history to help us in the future. Click here to book now.
    Prerana Issar is the first NHS Chief People Officer, in this special festival talk she will offer her view on what's next for our health service. Click here to book now
    What white people can do to fight racism? Following the last summer's global protests, how can we all work together to make real change happen? Click here to book now
    One of the most dangerous threats to society is being bred right in front of us. Incels and radicalised young men are on the rise and posing real dangers to women. Laura Bates uncovers this dangerous world. Click here to book now

This year's festival is being presented as an exciting hybrid of in-person and online events. Offering you more ways than ever before to enjoy the festival you can now watch all of these talks and events as part of the Book Festival Digital Pass for just £15. 

Creative Folkestone Book Festival is made possible thanks to the generous support of our funders and partners. We are proud to welcome the return of NewsNow as our Principal Partner for the Creative Folkestone Book Festival.

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