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The Country of the Blind, and Other Stories, 2011

CAMP worked with the National Coastwatch Institution at Copt Point over the course of one year, inviting the volunteers to take part in investigations based on their own interests, as well as into the shipping trade, and local ecologies such as dredging and fishing.

During the Triennial, their film, a collaboration with the NCI volunteers was installed and shown in the National Coastwatch Institution Cabin, Copt Point. Shorter films were shown in pubs around Folkestone Harbour.

CAMP is an organisation formed in Mumbai, India, in 2007. Its artistic projects engage with "infrastructures" as diverse as CCTV, radio, cable television, cycle rickshaws, electricity and sea trade. Their work combines a long-term interest in the mediations produced by such technologies with the production of open-access archives, and artworks themselves nestled in these contexts.

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