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David Batchelor

David Batchelor
Disco Mecanique, 2008

Batchelor made a dazzling kaleidoscope of multi-coloured spheres that appeared to free-float in space. Disco Mecanique was created from thousands of cheap, brightly coloured plastic sunglasses, bought in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Transformed into spheres and suspended in a cluster from the ceiling of the historic space of the Metropole Gallery via discoball motors, they rotated slowly and silently, a galaxy of spinning globes, throwing pools of transparent colours across the room as they glinted in the light.

The title of the work derived from Fernand Leger’s 1924 film ‘Ballet Mecanique’ and inspired by the gallery, which was formerly the ballroom of The Metropole Hotel.

David Batchelor’s work is principally concerned with colour as it is experienced in the modern city, and takes the form of three-dimensional work, drawings, photographs and video.

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