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Robert Kusmirowski

Robert Kusmirowski
Foreshore, 2008

Celebrated for his sculptural simulacra, Kusmirowskis' work often takes the form of detailed, turn of the century reconstructions or perfect copies of old official documents, newspapers, photos and ID documents but also monumental works like a graveyard or a train car.

In Foreshore, Kusmirowksi recreated elements of an old fish market from detritus found in the harbour - tables, baskets, nets, buckets - and installed it in Folkestone’s tidal inner  and outer harbour. The work, consisting of three huts, was only visible in its entirety at low tide, yet fully submerged at high tide. The dramatic rise and fall of the water levels here (variance of 6m) was a deliberate and integral part of the work. Foreshore makes reference and is tribute to the once thriving fishing industry of the town.


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