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Sejla Kameric

Šejla Kamerić
I Remember I forgot, 2008

Kameric’s project, I Remember I forgot comprised of twelve photographic installations in public spaces (police station, outdoor outfitters, ice-cream parlour, pub, hotel etc) as well as six large-scale billboards in specially selected sites across the town that carried a strong a sense of history. Visitors were invited to join a journey through Folkestone taking in Kameric's atmospheric images and stories that document the changing face of the town.

In addition, a set of postcards were sold at Rennie's Seaside Modern in the Old High Street as a memento of the project and the town. This way the artist's work reached both the wider public and the private, personal sphere.

Šejla Kamerić uses photography and video as media juxtaposing an explicit social context with intimate perspectives. She creates tense artefacts from society through an almost obsessive documentation of details and objects surrounding her. Public interventions, diverse types of actions and site-specifically installations are one of the most important aspects of her approach to art.

Kamerić was awarded the DAAD Fellowship in 2007.

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