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Susan Philipsz

Susan Philipsz
Pathetic Fallacy, 2008

The lookout at Baker's Gap on the East Cliff not only offers contemplative sea views, but was also the site for Susan Philipsz' multi-speaker sound installation Pathetic Fallacy. Philipsz was heard singing an acapella version of ‘Dolphins’ made famous by Tim Buckley in the mid 1970s. The haunting lyrics, touching on themes of longing, transcendence and mortality, were interpreted by Philipsz' voice ascending and then descending in scale building up to a crescendo and then dying away again.

Susan Philipsz works primarily with sound, film and space. The starting point of her works is the interface and tension between subjective and collective memories of popular music, political songs and film experiences.

Philipsz was awarded the PS1 International studio programme in New York, 2000 and the International Artist Programme at Art Pace, San Antonio, 2003. 

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