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Nik & Trick Services Photographiques

Nik & Trick Services Photographiques has been formulated to offer access to the backroom services and procedures of the professional photographer in the most cost effective way.  Derived from experience and our hard work put into Richard Taylor Photography we've been through the hard work of perfecting 'the end product' and continue to evolve services to a professional standard.

Essentially then, we've done the research, the studying, we've made the mistakes and learned from them...if you've ever seen our finished photographs then you'll already understand this...we've already saved you a lot of trouble!

You'll know how we have built up a respect from our clients that we're extremely proud of and continue to build our portfolio of specialist suppliers and resources...we continue to evolve our range of services that will benefit not only photographers but also artists.

Our darkroom is complete and we aim to offer "alternate processes" which give access to the most beautiful methods of photographic printing  known, these are available to all photographers including those who do digital only.....and why not?

Digital is now by far the most common manner of `doing' photography and it's the mainstay of our printing services and the results from our large format hardware is truly exceptional.

We're very fortunate in that we can, by way of experience, conduct ourselves professionally in both digital and analogue environments.

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