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Vintage and Vinyl

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57 The Old High Street, CT20 1RN

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Steve Probets took over the reins of Vintage and Vinyl from previous owners Alison and Kevin in September 2022. The shop will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in August 2024!

Steve has gradually introduced a variety of music-related items, such as T/Shirts, Vinyl Art, Books, Preloved Newspapers & Magazines, CDs, Cassettes, and Preloved Hi-Fi Equipment. These fit nicely into the shop and complement the Vinyl by offering alternative product ranges to non-vinyl collectors and music enthusiasts.

The shop has been providing new Hi-Fi Equipment to customers for several years. The Hi-Fi dealership has been retained, and you will find an updated product range on the new Vintage and Vinyl website soon.

Customers and visitors can find Vintage and Vinyl on Facebook and Instagram, where there are regular posts highlighting new and upcoming releases, product updates, interactive games, events, and nostalgic memories. There is also a website ( which is about to have a refresh, to coincide with the shop 10-year anniversary.

We offer:

  • Records
  • CDs
  • Books
  • T-shirts
  • Cassettes
  • Posters
  • Artwork
  • Record Cleaners and Cleaning Accessories
  • Vinyl Accessories (e.g. Storage Cases, Sleeves, Turntable Slip-mats)
  • New and Preloved Hi-Fi Equipment
  • Preloved Newspapers and Magazines (e.g. Melody Maker, Smash Hits)
  • Branded Tote Bags and Mugs


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