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Sarah Carpenter

Illustration by Sarah Carpenter
In this illustration by Sarah Carpenter, white line drawings of human figures lounger around one another. The figures show curves and folds of bodies, against a dusty pink backdrop.
Collage by Sarah Carpenter
In this collage by Sarah Carpenter, a face appears through a rip in wallpaper. The wallpaper, softly pink, like the tone of pale white skin, blends with the pale face peeking through.
Photograph by Sarah Carpenter
In this photograph by Sarah Carpenter 4 unclothed people huddle up together in a space that is enclosed, with low ceilings. They look in different directions, off to the distance, down, and towards the camera. All of their expressions appear to be unsettled, or potentially fearful.

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Sarah Carpenter is an artist-researcher, graphic designer, and creative facilitator advocating for and working within the area of mental wellbeing having lived experiences of mental illness.

Carpenter's artistic process can be likened to cognitive behavioural therapy: deconstructing, reconstructing and recycling images/ideas to better understand, rebuild and reimagine them. Emphasising learning through process, research, play and experimentation.

Experienced working with various organisations that are leaders in the field of mental health such as Bethlem Gallery, Shape Arts, Outside In, Artistic UK and Maudsley Charity. Over 100 pieces of Carpenter's artwork can be found within the Wellcome Collection, as well as having work published with the Psychologist, the British Medical Journal, and the Lancet Journal of Psychiatry for whom she was the cover artist in 2018.


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