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Book Festival Video Workshops


Creative Folkestone Book Festival is a big celebration of all things books, writing, words and ideas. We think it is important to inspire the next generation of authors and wordsmiths to get creative. 

Here we have put together a few short video workshops to help you and your family get creative at home. Have a go at zine making, building an archive or get animated. 

Let us know how you get on by sharing with us on social media. 


Cabinet of Curiosities with Ruby Bolton  Saturday 5 June

Inspired by Folkestone Library’s archives and the idea of archiving, create your very own personal archive using special objects, photos and curiosities that mean something to you. 

Click here to see more of Ruby's work

Composing your cabinet is a fun way to capture memories and tell stories about your personal history by exploring and arranging everyday treasures. 


"Say What?" with Charlotte Chapman   Monday 7 June  

Have you got something to say? Say What? is a series of short videos inspired by Folkestone Book Festival’s theme, The Shape of Things to Come; showing how to design, make, publish and distribute your own zine. 

Katherine Rundell’s Stories with Young Animators club      
Tuesday 8 June


Take your class and get transported to amazing places with Katherine Rundell’s stories. Young Animators Club have chosen extracts from her immersive texts and invite schools to create visual image sequences to glimpse the imaginations of her readers. With the aid of our online workshop and printable resources, this session will guide classes through the art of translating the written word into images. 

This workshop can be adapted to suit your needs. Your class can create a graphic novel, a giant storyboard, display or a narrated film. 

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