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ConfiCo: Confidance


ConfiCo's community classes - Confidance - are for people who identify as having a learning disability, where we all bodies and creative offers are embraced. The sessions provide a space for personal, physical and creative growth.


The classes are joyful and welcoming, fostering individual creativity and collective connection.

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ConfiCo's adult community class is for people aged 18+ years who identify as having a learning disability.

This class runs on Thursday mornings 10am -12pm at The Glassworks Studio, digital:glassworks, Mill Bay, Folkestone.

ConfiCo also have a youth class for those aged 16-25 who identify as having a learning disability and who are looking for an introduction to professional dance training. However, no prior experience is necessary.

This class runs on Wednesday evenings 4:30pm - 6:30pm at the Stour Centre, Ashford.

All information about ConfiCo's Confidance classes can be found on the their website:

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