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Patrick Corillon

Patrick Corillon
On the Track of St. Eanswythe's Waterway 1 - 5
Co-commissioned for Creative Folkestone Triennial 2021 with the Nouveaux Commanditaires programme of the Fondation de France, and curated by artconnexion (Lille).

Patrick Corillon is a Belgian contemporary artist who lives and works in Paris and Liège. He is a story-teller who creates alternative realities through the construction of narratives, using whatever diverse mediums best serve his purpose. Through film, writing, performance, sculpture his storytelling takes on a dreamlike and poetic quality.

For the 2021 Folkestone Triennial On the Track of St Eanswythe’s Waterway he has created a series of ‘reliquary’* boxes following the path of St Eanswythe’s watercourse. Typically for the artist’s work, it strikes a delicate balance between sculpture and story, fiction and site-specific installation.

His animated films draw viewers into the land where the stories are written and Jouer Ailleur (Play Elsewhere), made to accompany his installation for The Plot, is a beautiful example.

Reliquaries: usually small, portable objects made of luxurious materials, served as containers for preserving and venerating the physical remains of holy persons as well as objects with which they had come in contact.

Patrick Corillon is represented by galerie in situ fabienne leclerc paris

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Patrick Corillon, On the Track of St Eanswythe’s  Waterway, Co-commissioned for Creative Folkestone Triennial 2021 under the Nouveaux  Commanditaires programme of the Fondation de France, curated by  artconnexion (Lille). Photo by Thierry Bal. Audio interview by Jean Wainwright.

Patrick Corillon’s On the Track of St Eanswythe's Waterway is a Nouveaux Commanditaires Project curated by Artconnexion for Creative Folkestone Triennial 2021

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