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Rachel Jenkins Creative Folkestone

Challenging established and emerging definitions relating to cultural, critical and urban practices, Rachel Stella Jenkins's work is shaped by a continuous interrogation and search for new perspectives, frontiers, imaginaries and insights to the complexities of both largely urbanised and rapidly urbanising environments.

This endeavour is brought to life through the platform genuinefake, founded by Rachel in 2009, where partnerships in the realms of design, architecture and urbanism aim to broaden normative definitions and concepts and mediate between social, cultural and spatial agency.

Urban spaces are in constant flux, how do citizens interact with these spaces? Who is changing and shaping the spaces? Why? How? These reflections, fundamentally, aim to reflect on how architecture can keep up with concurrent and entangled societal change and evolving global norms.

genuinefake will take inspiration from the former Rotunda amusement arcades on Folkestone seafront that drew crowds to the beach until the 1990s. Here, a pavilion will house themed games -- and a course for crazy golf -- addressing significant contemporary topics that affect both local residents and Europe’s wider population. 

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