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The artists Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt have collaborated since 1992 under the name Winter / Hörbelt. They understand their cooperation as a synergy of ideas and skills in research of an expanded concept of sculpture.

Winter / Hörbelt draw inspirations from the endless possibilities presented by sculpture. Their research takes them on a journey through all areas of sculptural practice and may include architecture or music. They often create building-like sculptures or sound-animated objects using unconventional and industrial materials such as plastic crates, car brake lights or found objects.

In Folkestone, Winter / Hörbelt will create an artistic intervention that challenges one of the town’s most controversial features; the Shellons Street gyratory system that intersects Guildhall Street. In creating a sense of excitement, and even confrontation, the artwork will imaginatively suggest both the historic and the future significance of the crossing.

Winter / Hörbelt live and work in Frankfurt am Main.

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