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Patrick Corillon

Patrick Corillon is a Belgian contemporary artist who lives and works in Paris and Liège. He is a story-teller who creates alternative realities through the construction of narratives, using whatever diverse mediums best serve his purpose. Through film, writing, performance, sculpture his storytelling takes on a dreamlike and poetic quality.

Working with local residents, Patrick Corillon will create a series of five sculptural relic-boxes located on the course of St Eanswythe’s waterway. The boxes and relics will refer to children’s games and to St. Eanswythe herself - the patron saint of Folkestone who is said to have made water run uphill.

His work has been shown in institutions such as the Tate Gallery and the Royal College of Art in London; the Pompidou Centre in Paris; the Centre for Fine Arts of Brussels and of Charleroi, and the Musée du Grand-Hornu in Belgium; the Gemeentemuseum of The Hague, de Appel of Amsterdam, and Witte de Witt of Rotterdam in the Netherlands; and the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, among many others.

This work is co-commissioned within the Nouveaux Commanditaires  programme of the Fondation de France, and curated by Artconnexion (Lille).

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