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Sam Belinfante

Along with sound and photography, Sam Belinfante stages performances and video installations. He also produces collaborative events and exhibitions. His work usually takes as its starting point a performance, in which he is often also implicated, and his video installations attempt to hold on to these live movements. He is particularly interested in relationships between ‘audio-visual’ technologies, whether these be human technologies such as the voice, or prosthetic devices that extend our own sensory organs.   

For Folkestone Triennial Sam Belinfante will create a mobile sculptural performance On the Circulation of the Blood, a reference to William Harvey’s key medical textbook of 1648 De Motu Cordis. The artwork will move between several key sites around the urban landscape of Folkestone, animating the town for the duration of the exhibition. Performers will sing duets, whilst carrying poles, lights and netting from one place to another, referencing some of the unusual physical interconnections across the town.

Sam Belinfante has exhibited work at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Whitechapel Gallery and Ikon among others. Recent exhibitions include On the Heights, Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2017); This is a Voice at Powerhouse Museum, Sydney and Wellcome Collection, London (2016-17) and the solo project To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells, Radar at Loughborough’s Carillion (2018). 

He has staged performances at international arts organisations including Tate Britain, Palais de Tokyo, Camden Art Centre and Block Universe performance art festival. In 2018-19 he toured a theatrical work in collaboration with Laure Prouvost and Pierre Droulers (Walker/ EMPAC, US and Kaaitheatre, Brussels). In 2021 he will present a new work at Zabludowicz Collection, as part of a season of contemporary artists’ opera.

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Photo of Sam Belinfante by Yiannis Katsaris

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