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Jason Wilsher-Mills

Jason Wilsher-Mills is a disabled artist born in Wakefield, but now based in Sleaford Lincolnshire. 

In recent years Jason Wilsher-Mills has focused on using digital painting using technology such as iPad and Wacom tablets. The use of these technologies, in place of the more traditional artistic mediums, came about through the convenience and accessibility of tablets which allow him to produce large scale sculptures and augmented reality experiences, despite the physical challenges presented by his disability. 

Drawing on his experience as a disabled artist, Jason Wilsher- Mills has created a contemporary monumental figure – I Argonaut – that will be placed in conversation with the monumental statue of William Harvey, son of the Mayor of Folkestone, Royal Physician and discoverer of the circulation of the blood.

Produced by Shape Arts as part of the Adam Reynolds Award.

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