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Jacqueline Poncelet

Born in Liege, Belgium, Jacqueline Poncelet has a background in ceramics, having studied at Wolverhampton College of Art and the Royal College of Art from 1966 until 1972. She is well-known for her early work in bone china, and for her more sculptural works in ceramics after 1980. 

From the mid 80s she extended her practice to include painting, sculpture, installation and public art commissions. Poncelet was the recipient of a British Council Arts Fellowship in 1978 which enabled her to travel extensively in the USA. She has been an influential teacher and lecturer worldwide. In 2000 she was a curator of the British Art Show and in 2004 a board member for the prestigious Artes Mundi exhibition at the National Museum of Wales. 

Jacqueline Poncelet will present two works for Folkestone Triennial. For Looking Ahead, she will pierce the retaining wall of the old Ship Street Gasworks site and insert a variety of lenses, including those which mimic bee-eyes, and mechanically operated kaleidoscopes. She will also decorate the gable ends of three new buildings in Mill Bay with shimmer discs that will suggest reflections on the environment around them.

Find more of Jacqueline Poncelet's work. 

Portrait of Jacqueline Poncelet © Anthony Stokes

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