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Jyll Bradley

Jyll Bradley 
Green/Light (for M.R.), 2014
Commissioned for Creative Folkestone Triennial 2014

For Folkestone Triennial 2014, Bradley presented Green/Light (for M.R.), a major sculptural light installation created for the former gasworks site on the junction of Ship Street and Foord Road North, Folkestone. Now derelict, the site was once a hub of energy and the place where light was first generated for the town. The creation of the installation was an intense personal journey for Bradley, who was born in Folkestone in the same year that the gasworks were decommissioned, but has lived her adult life as a successful artist in London. Since its creation, Green/Light (For M.R.) has become a highly acclaimed work and much-loved local beacon. Its reflective, exciting presence acts as a powerful catalyst for conversations on the future of the gasworks.

Green/Light (for M.R.) is the subject of Bradley’s new film M.R. which will receive its world premiere at the Creative Folkestone Triennial Film Festival Still Reeling event in September 2021. This highly personal work is a creation story for our times – a portrait of an artwork and artist explored through the lens of childhood adoption. M.R. is generously funded by Arts Council England.

Jyll Bradley’s installations, films, drawings and sculptures bring together formal vigour with a personal approach to identity and place. Light is an important protagonist in her practice, and she talks of using it to ‘bring things into the present’. Bradley is well known for her acclaimed works in the public realm. Increasingly these have become sites of creative activity such as performance and film, reflecting her envisioning of sculpture as a potent gathering place of people and ideas.

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Artist Film

Artist Audio Interview

Film by Oliver Parkin. Drone footage by Tom Bishop Photography. Audio interview by Jean Wainwright.

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