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David Hevey Productions

Helena Bonham Carter - Portrait by David Hevey (copyright David Hevey)
Black and white portrait of Helena Bonham Carter, resting her face in her right hand as she gazes forward towards the viewer.
Portrait of Mat Fraser by David Hevey, for the BBC Landmark Series The Disabled Century produced and directed by David Hevey
Black and white portrait of Mat Fraser, the English rock musician, actor, writer and performance artist. He has thalidomide-induced phocomelia. In the photograph he holds his hand to his forehead.
David Hevey Productions Company Image
Graphic titled 'David Hevey Productions' against turquoise background. It includes a section to the right hand side, it says: DIGITAL / FILM / TV / ARTS / HERITAGE / PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIAL MEDIA ABOUT THE WAY WE LIVE NOW. Beneath a quote in white text reads "ONE OF THE LEADING DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKERS OF A GENERATIONS" followed by HUFFINGTON POST in black. Above this section, a bar of white diagonal lines, veering upwards to the right.

1st Floor Studio, 19-21 The Old High Street

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David Hevey Productions makes contemporary cultural content across platforms including television production and direction, film making direction and production, arts and heritage large scale productions, photographic campaigns, audience development, content development consultancy,  and much more. 

‘One of the leading documentary makers of a generation’ - Huffington Post

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