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Folkestone Fringe

I AM Fully Human works by Aida Silvestri photo taken by Josh Jordan
I AM Fully Human is a project exploring the image of a Black man through portraiture and fashion in honour of Arike (1949-2020). The exhibition went on display at UCA Brewery Taps. The photo shows six of the photographic sculptures in the court yard.
Festival of Looking Craig Gell photo taken by Josh Jordan
Folkestone artist Craig Gell works with a young family from Folkestone to measure Folkestone's Pent stream. They will turn this data into an audio piece and present to the public.
MySquare Pop Up photo taken by Josh Jordan
Photo from MySquare Pop Up arts day at Folkestone Harbour Arm. Showing 5 people stood around looking at a text sculpture made by Cameron Simcock. Behind the sculpture the sea and Folkestone cliffs. Photo taken by Josh Jordan.

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Folkestone Fringe is an artist-led organisation committed to creating opportunities for emerging talent and producing projects which encourage a greater connection between people and place. We organise festivals and events in Folkestone, and its immediate surroundings. Our work includes several annual festivals, as well as an extensive programme that runs alongside the Creative Folkestone Triennial.

Folkestone Fringe enables people to fulfil their potential, setting up pathways to self-actualisation. We believe in the transformative power of art - both in a personal sense, when experienced as an artist or audience member, and also as a way of highlighting societal issues and driving social change. By creatively empowering individuals, we contribute to making Folkestone an exciting, vibrant and fulfilling place to live and visit.

We have benefited from, and been a driver in, the cultural changes happening locally. Our aim over the next few years is to aid the growth of local makers, curators, producers and art practitioners so that the skills base becomes more embedded in the town - so that new ideas, from the younger generation, are given the space to grow - enabling them to deliver the next ten years of well-considered and meaningful cultural activity.

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