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Fat Hen And Flo

Framed Stitches by Thread Bare Woman
Two stitch illustrations by Thread Bare Woman, on mottled pink fabric framed in a gold look frame. On the left, the outline of a wooden chair surrounded by dotted rows of vertical stitches. On the right a nude outline of a torso, ending below the neck and above the knees. The feminine torso is surrounded by dotted rows of vertical stitches.
Fat Hen and Flo Screen Printed Idol Dolls
Two groups of Fat Hen and Flo's screen printed Idol Dolls. The illustrated outlines of popular icons are printed onto white fabric and sewn to make simple shaped dolls. On the left icons range from Danny Devito, Nick Cave, Louis Theroux and David Attenborough. On the right, Elton John, Frida Khalo, George Michael, Jeremy Corbyn, David Bowie, Patti Smith.

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FHAF - Fat Hen And Flo - Thread Bare Woman - Susan McKenna.
These are all one and the same. 

Susan McKenna is a multi-media artist and is currently working on an ongoing series of textile art. Thread Bare Woman is an exploration of womanhood in midlife that uses themes of domestic and sexual identity, loss, inheritance and media image to explore how external forces influence the internal narrative and lived experience of today’s woman in midlife.

Susan is the designer/maker at Fat Hen And Flo and produces screen printed idol doll kits and illustrated children's soft toys. 

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