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The Stables Studios

Sam Capell
Robyn Nield
Doormouse designs
Deborah Crofts
Tim Skinner
dillon bennet
adam jefford
katy phillips
studio visage
JustaRide Films
Gabriella Apicella

Studio 1 Robyn Neild
Robyn Neild has worked as an international fashion illustrator for the last twenty years, for clients including Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Elizabeth Arden.  Her illustrations gracing Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Harper & Queen.  She has recently developed her first series of limited edition bronze sculptures.

Studio 2 Dormouse Designs
Designer/maker of contemporary sterling silver jewellery which is quirky and individual. “I love colourful gemstones in natural forms so these often feature in my designs . All my items are handcrafted using a mix of traditional and idiosyncratic silversmithing techniques”.

Studio 4 & 5 Samuel Capell
Samuel is a contemporary pop artist. He focuses on the destruction and manipulation of food, and why our love of fat, sugary fast food dominates our diets. He ultimately points at fast food companies and large organisations as being huge contributors towards our bad choices. Samuel also explores comparisons in the industry and makes work to champion those food manufacturers who take their practice seriously.

Studio 6 

Studio 7 

Studio 9 Deborah Crofts
Deborah Crofts combines real, imagined and remembered elements inspired by the natural environment; creating a mix of abstract and figurative acrylic painting styles.

Studio 10 Folksonomies Design
Gorgeous keepsakes from vintage china.

Studio 11 Dee Taylor
Specialising in painting, striving to express a mood that will evoke an emotional response from the viewer. Vast, empty land and urban scapes offer elements to create drama. Work shifts from dark comment to pop culture.

Studio 12 Tim Skinner
Tim Skinner’s practice is focused on paint and the exploration of the material. Fusing cultural imagery and motif with the material qualities of paint, Tim seeks to create a balance of the mimetic and physical possibilities of the medium on the painted surface.

Studio 13

Studio 14

Studio 15 Dillon Bennett
Freelance film sound designer and editor.

Studio 16 

Studio 17 Adam Jefford
Linocuts and drawings.

Studio 18 Katy Phillips
Slip-cast sculptural vessels.

Studio 19 

Studio 20 Studio Visage
Photographic studio made up of a personal creative team of in-house photographers, makeup artists and models specialising in portraiture, creative makeup and commercial photography.

Chip Thompson is a screenwriter and director from Kent and a co-founder of JustaRide Films. Taking inspiration from the people around him and life in general, Chip’s main focus is in storytelling and exploring issues of society, sexuality, British culture and masculinity within film. He cites the Evil Dead trilogy as his biggest cinematic influence.

Gabriella Apicella is a freelance screenwriter and tutor. Previously based in London she co-founded the Underwire Festival in 2010, and continues to contribute screenwriting advice during monthly sessions at the BFI. Alongside her teaching engagements at various Higher Education Institutions, she works as a consultant on short and feature length screenplays, and is currently re-drafting her latest feature project that has been optioned by Twelve Chairs films.


@ 35-37 Tontine Street

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