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Sue Bridge

Painting by Sue Bridge titled Feet Up
In this oil painting on canvas, colourful patterns present in swirling shapes. Bold brush strokes of different tones of blues and greens make up the bottom half of the painting, as it rolls upwards into tones of pink, peach, and baby blues for a lighter top half.
Painting by Sue Bridge titled Bright Weekend
In this oil painting on canvas, the colour palette is dominated by turquoise blues which gradient into emerald greens, this brush strokes appear to sit on top of orange and peachy red tones. The brushstrokes are abstract, bold and suggestive of a scene. The left of the painting is predominately blues and the with orange tones occupying most of the bottom right corner.

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Sue Bridge is an multi disciplinary visual artist with a long career spanning animation, design, illustration and painting. In 2016 she moved to Folkestone attracted to the lively cutting edge art and culture of the town. She now works in studio 7, 56-58 Old High Street and has become an active participant of Folkestone's Creative Quarter.

Bridge uses the medium of animation to tell stories. In 2019, her short film ‘Mine or Yours', a blend of painting and animation was shown at The Turner Contemporary, The Photographers Gallery London, and Fabrica Brighton for the ’Strangelove Festival’.

Sue has taught BFI students for Screen South's BFI Academy and run animation workshops for all ages and abilities across Kent. Clients include People United, Red Zebra, Canterbury Festival, and TakeUp Space Festival, Folkestone.

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