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Alan Smith

Painting by Alan Smith
In this painting by Alan Smith, oil paint in blues and lilacs meld into a horizontal gradient. Stretching to the right of the painting, are two curved shapes, surrounded with a red hue.

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Alan Smith moved from Paris to Folkestone in 2013, establishing a studio in The Old High Street and a presence in Chicago and Paris where he usually exhibits. He has also held Open Studios, including a Fringe Triennial installation, The Daedalus Atelier, which was reviewed by Clive Aslet in The Sunday Telegraph. He works in oil on gesso panel, and pencil on paper, making oblique narratives and surprising associations of colour and surface and mood, an intense combination of intellect and painterly technique.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 he instigated and curated the Folkestone Secret Postcard Exhibition which has raised large sums for local charities.

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