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Alan Smith

Allan Smith's jewel-like paintings have been shown in Chicago, Berlin, Paris and in London at Flowers gallery on Cork Street - as well as in a solo exhibition at Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum.

Cited in the latest edition of Artists in Britain since 1945, Smith moved to Folkestone from France in 2013.

His 2014 Triennial Fringe show Daedalus Atelier was reviewed in the Sunday Telegraph:

“Alan’s working technique is fastidious, his work contemplative. Around the walls, small gesso panels glow with inner colour, having been painstakingly glazed with thin washes of oil paint in the renaisance manner – a slow process, as each glaze takes several days to dry. The surface may be scumbled with cloudlike shapes or pricked with precisely calculated dots.
Drawings are hatched in soft pencil to achieve a luxuriance of black.
In both media, forms seem to be on the point of forming or dissolving, caught in the moment that the inchoate acquires substance.” (Clive Aslet, 26 October 2014)

Smith was art adviser for the Inner London Education Authority and then head of school of fine art at Cheltenham College of Art before forsaking academia to make work full-time. He has lectured in London, Cheltenham, Chicago and Paris.

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