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Igor Emmerich

Igor Emmerich
In this studio shot, two people sit opposite one another at a table. They playfully engage in an arm wrestle, the person to the left wears a dress and their long hair is wrapped over their top lip to emulate a moustache. To the right, the person posses a full and natural beard with moustache.

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Igor Emmerich is a Spanish-born photographer and filmmaker whose work is known for its imaginative and original slant on subjects.

With over 30 years of experience shooting on location and in the studio for editorial, design, and advertising clients in the UK and worldwide, Igor approaches each job with a fresh perspective and the highest attention to detail.

His work is about capturing both portrait and lifestyle imagery by spotting the unusual in the world and capturing unique moments in time. 

Igor enjoys taking photos of candid, everyday observations of the world and the people around me, focusing on finding the beauty in the mundane and celebrating human ingenuity and real life stories, creating positive and funny images. Regardless of the location or lighting scenario for each project, he loves coming up with inventive and spontaneous ideas.

With Igor's portrait photography, he likes to inject his sense of humour which helps build a connection to the people who are sitting, capturing something both distinctive and natural.

Igor likes to use the same approach to filmmaking as he does with his stills, whether they’re promotional videos or short films. 

He directed his first short film The Beast of Romney Marsh, a comedy, which has gone on to win several awards on the film festival circuit in 2021. 

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