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Terry Smith

Terry Smith Portrait in Studio
Portrait of Terry Smith captures his side profile as he is mid contemplation whilst working. His hand to his chin as he looks off to the left, he wears a black t-shirt and stands before a black backdrop.
Terry Smith at work with Ash McNaughton and Lise Boucon
Terry Smith talks with performance artists Ash McNaughton and Lise Boucon. Ash and Lise sit on chairs, and framed to the left of the image. Terry stands to the right, talking with his hands. They are creating work against a black backdrop.
Ash McNaughton and Lise Boucon
Performance artists Ash McNaughton and Lise Boucon are before a black backdrop. Lise is out of focus in the background, looking forward. Ash is in clear focus in the foreground, the image captures Ash's side profile looking off to the left. They both wear grey, long sleeve, polo neck tops.

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Terry Smith is an artist from London, now based in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter. Developing an impressive practice over forty years, Smith has been the recipient of acclaimed awards and fellowships - such as the Henry Moore Fellowship at the Byam Shaw School of Art, and receiving The Paul Hamlyn Artist Award in 2008.

Smith’s most recent work, Walk Stand Still, is a performance piece in development produced with performers, Ash McNaughton and Lise Boucon, composer, John Woolrich and jazz flutist, Paul Cheneour, at the Quarterhouse Auditorium, Folkestone. The work is constructed through a series of workshops, exercises, and tasks, with back-stage work recorded and shared as videos on Terry Smith’s website. 

Smith’s interests go beyond the making of art, as the founder, director, and curator of a range of contemporary, multimedia projects. He is active on many different platforms, these ventures include:

Strangelove Time-Based Media Festival 
Venice Agendas
Casement Arts
Platform Art Projects 

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